Sarah Spears - Exotic Model / Actress

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About Sarah Spears: Sarah Spears is an exotic model and actress from Los Angeles, California. Since early 2010, Sarah has accomplished some of her foremost career goals including promotional modeling, music videos, print, television and featured films. This beautiful girl has worked with some of music’s hottest artists such as Eminem, Ne-yo, Pitbull, Jay-Z and many more; in addition Nicki Manij recruited Sarah as one... of her ‘Barbies’ at the 2011 B.E.T. Awards. From atmosphere modeling to being a featured bikini model for an AXE shampoo commercial, Sarah pours her heart into every job she books!

Aside from modeling Sarah loves playing video games, extreme sports and watching basketball. Sarah has been playing video games her whole life; she refuses to put down the controller for this irresistible addiction. Extreme sports are also sure to catch Sarah’s eye, especially snowboarding and motorcycle stunts. Not only is this gorgeous girl into video games and extreme sports but she also loves basketball. Sarah is always glued to the TV screen when for favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers, are playing. Overall Sarah is a fun, reliable and enjoyable person to be around. Her outer beauty is just the start from the beauty you will find within her heart. Sarah is a hard worker and extremely passionate; she will do anything to make her dreams come true!


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