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Mel Heflin was born and raised in Winchester, Va. She has been in the modeling world since 2003, and for the next 6 years she has done all sorts of modeling, from swimwear, to fetish, to lingerie and nude. In 2009, she caught the acting bug with a debut role in Scarlet Rain. Since then she has worked on a dozen projects, from shorts and web series to features. In 2011 graduated Lord Fairfax Community College with a Fine Arts Associates. Always the professional, on time, and gets along with everyone she meets. The modeling part of her life is always full of new adventures. She loves to work on pinup calendars and photoshoots, unless there's a chance to work on a movie. Likened to having a body reminiscent of Bettie Page's, her curves leave you wanting more. She can rock the runway, calendars, and burlesque. Featured in many magazines such as Bio Gamer Girls, Gorgeous Freaks Magazines, and Retro Lovely. Always ready for a new job to look forward to, feel free to book her at melmodel89@gmail.com


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mel/112895838818533

Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/melheflin/

deviantart: http://model-melly-poo.deviantart.com/ 

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