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Bio: My name is Ashley. I am Lithuanian and Assyrian. I have been doing promotional modeling for about seven years now and print modeling for about two years. I love to be active and I do many activities such as kickboxing, running, yoga, pilates, swimming, weight lifting, belly dancing, skiing, and others. I am a pesco-vegetarian and I eat very healthy. I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. I also love to meditate and enjoy the simple treasures of life. I do not watch TV and I love to read inspirational books and quotes. I am a college graduate and I am looking to do more modeling in the future. I am currently a resident of Illinois but I will be moving to California mid summer. I love nature and love to be outdoors. It also brings me great joy impacting people's lives in a positive way on a daily basis. I set an intention to do so every morning. 

Websites: http://www.exploretalent.com/ashleysayad


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