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BIO: My name is Sophia Johnson & I'm 33 yrs old & have been modeling on & off since I was 19. I have modeled for some very well renowned photographers for mentoring events & advertising. I have been photographed & worked with Mark Fitzgibbons, Kay Eskridge, Dan Frievalt, Dan Mclanhan, Jordan Chan, & Chuckie Arlund, too name a few. I have been published in a well known magazine in Oregon & have been used as a model in some of these photographers publications & advertisements. I'm looking to add more variety too my portfolio & challenge myself too the extremes on the other side of the camera. And one day I will take my experience as a model & use it too my advantage when I start picking up a camera as my next hobby & photographing beautiful amazing things as well. I also do ALL my hair & make-up in all the pics you have seen because I've been a licensed stylist & make-up artist since 1996. I would also like to do more freelance work in that area as well with some amazing photographers.

website: www.modelmayhem.com/sassysexysophia