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Hello, My name is Sylvia Schiesser, I am a huge Comic Fan to say the least. I am a fun, enthusiastic, altruistic, jubilant person. I'm extremely easy to get a long with, I am very friendly. I love Super Heroes, not to crazy about the Villain's. I also am an Anime Fan, a few favorite's are: Ergo Proxy Oh how I love Re-L, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Naruto oh my 9 tailed boy and Kikashi, Minato and Hinata, Karas, oldie but goodie Ninja Scroll and everyone loves Ranma 1/2 ;) I am also a Gamer-Gal. I collect all the Castlevania games, I enjoying Batman: Arkham City. I like Call of Duty. I started via PC online back when there use to be internet cafe's to go to and play with all my friends on the same server LOL Good old Times! I now play on the good old XBOX360. I am also a huge fan of DMC: the Original Dante is my favorite character (not this reboot!!!) That's just to name a few.

I got started modeling, I was about 8 years old and was put in Modeling School at John Robert Powers in San Francisco, Ca. I just recently got back into the modeling world for a few years now and loving every minute of it! I feel very Thankful for the opportunity to work with all the artists I have had the pleasure in working with. I look forward to many more opportunities and what the world has in store for me :) I would love to be casted on a Comic Book Movie! That would be my ultimate goal and dream come true. My favorite Comic Characters and cartoons I follow are: Batman, I enjoy watching along with the Batman Beyond Classic Collections, The Batman, although my favorite is "Kevin Conroy's" voice for Batman ;) The JLA, The JLA Ultimate, Young Justice a few cartoons I follow or followed, Wolverine, Psylocke and X-23 to name few. Wow and I haven't even touched upon my Movie and Television favorites! Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes, Boondock Saint's can you really pick between the 2?? LOL :P let's Just say Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned are definitely in my top favorites. The Underworld Movies, BloodRayne: The Third Reich was my favorite out of all the Blood Rayne movies, Twilight Saga, The Crow with Brandon Lee, True Blood oh how I love Mr. Northman, The Vampire Diaries oh Damon, SUPERNATURAL Gotta love Dean Winchester, Nikita Now Maggie Q is just amazing, Being Human both UK and US, I'm really starting to like Lost Girl as well. Just to name some of the greats I can't get enough of. Believe me, there is a long list :D

Feel free to check out my Fan Page, I always love to chat with my fans :)

Have a wonderful day!



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