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My name is Brittany Reichek Klingler, I was born in Aspen, Colorado, December 1982. I grew up as an extremely competitive ice skater and also began modeling as a small child. Modeling, fashion design and art are my passions besides making the world a more beautiful place.I fulfilled many modeling dreams such as walking the runways for amazing and inspirational designers like Betsy Johnson whom I idolize. I was featured in W magazine which was always a huge dream for me, I continued modeling for many designers and print adds throughout college where I pursued my art degree. My whole entire life I was obsessed with comics and had thousands. The dream of becoming the girl in a super hero or comic role is something i have wanted to do since I played with he-man and shera dolls at 3. After years of modeling, I met my amazing husband whom looks like a super hero himself and moved to Ridgeland,
Mississippi where I still model lightly, paint and play with my super dog max. THIS IS BY FAR MY BIGGEST DREAM. I have ALWAYS WANTED THIS.